Astrology And Psychology

Psychology is an excellent subject...one of my favorites, in fact. Both natal astrology and psychology are interested in the workings of the human mind, so the tendency to view astrology as a rival to psychology is strong.

But there's no reason it should be.

The thing is, although both do well at looking at the mind, they are like two people looking at the same thing from opposite sides. Astrology sees and does things easily which psychology has a harder time accomplishing, but then falters where psychology excels.

To really zero in on the differences it helps to look at what each study can come into a conversation knowing, versus what they must actively try to find out. Astrology can come in knowing the root personality, the core identity with all its habits and desires and logics (or lack thereof). But as people do not grow up in a vacuum, natal astrology cannot say much about how life and environment has affected this core identity - at least, not without an astrologer knowing something of psychology.

For example: Astrology may tell you that a specific person has a fascination with raw power, but it cannot say what life has taught that person about power. A politician's child and an alcoholic's child would each learn something different about what power actually is. Although astro can tell you with certainty that the personality exists and perceives the world in part through this interest in power, it cannot take into account the person's specific environmental history or what affect that history had on the outcome.

Psychology, in the other hand, does this extremely well. The study has a secure handle on how events affect mental processes, how people - in a general sense - react to environments ranging from abusive households to stressful work environments to boring love relationships. Psychologists can come into a conversation knowing all these things about the interaction between people and environments, and then make valid determinations about how a person's history is likely to have impacted their life. To confront problems, they usually suggest changes in the way a person interacts with the world around them (ie. the "fix" is usually oriented by environment).

What they cannot do right away is know what the individual's core motivations and tendencies are...the study comprehends human nature in general. Psychologists use psychoanalytical techniques such as word association and inkblot tests to learn more about uniquely personal factors - but the results of these are actually rather vague when compared to the exacting personality analysis astrology is capable of performing.

In short, the combination of astrology and psychology is a major powerhouse for understanding an individual, because both studies do well where the other one doesn't.


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