Psychic Like A Rock

I don't know if psychic phenomenon exists, but I do know it isn't necessary for astrology.  I've never claimed to be psychic in any way, even if I can figure some things out about a person that common knowledge says I shouldn't be able to know.  But if that were the case for psychic ability, then a good psychologist is a psychic too.
Not to belittle anyone, but the trappings of psychic powers or fortune telling annoy me when they are placed on astrology.  It is hard to treat a subject seriously when its proponents are sitting in tents at fairs doing twenty dollar readings for twenty minutes, with every indication that this is "for entertainment purposes only."  Charlatans will be charlatans, but a lot of these individuals are likely to be valid astrologers.  I can't for the life of me understand why they are reinforcing the kind of crystal ball stereotype that makes astrology look like a joke.  And neon signs are just a step up from the tents.
But, while I am lambasting I might as well turn on horoscope columns, which I consider to be the most utterly useless conventions of modern astrology.  First of all, if the astrologer is even close to serious they know that their singular paragraph is only going to work well for a terribly small portion of the population.  They can't take into account the complexity of individual charts.  There are plenty of cases where the Sun Sign (that's the sign you usually mean when you say "I'm a Aries/Taurus/Gemini/Whatever") is not the dominant influence for a person.  When such an individual goes over those columns and sees that it doesn't really hold true for them, all the column has done is put another black mark on astrology. 
In other words, there are plenty of brilliant astrologers, but the way astrology gets displayed is counter-intuitive.  I know it is difficult to overcome a culture of intellectual prejudice, but that's no excuse for encouraging it to be worse.


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