Who Am I?

Allow me to avoid introducing myself. I think I have good reason.

The question of who we are is a powerful one. We have all sorts of ways that we try to define ourselves, to show that we possess a consistent identity. Yet we are always changing. Most of us are not the same people we were ten years ago. Some of us are evolving as human beings. Others are...skipping down a different path. So who am I?

Well, anyone I want to be.

It might sound like self-help babble, but it's true. And, like so many things about being human, it is not true 100% of the time. I possess certain instincts and natural tendencies that could be considered my self-identity, that core that doesn't seem to change in any of us even when our lives are dramatically transformed. But everyone knows that my natural tendencies will not necessarily be the same as yours.

Here is a statement of fact: Natal astrology can be used to identify that core personality. Just to be clear, natal astrology is personality astrology, not the more popular kind of astrology used for predicting the future (called horary).

But wait a second...fact? I think some people may decide I am pushing it a little far, a little fast. After all, this is my first post, so where is my credibility? Who am I to make such a reckless claim?

I think it's a good question (even though I posed it myself). So, here's my answer:

I once mentioned that I studied natal astrology on a message board. I meant very little by it, but it evoked responses that ranged from curious to hateful. One person wrote that no matter what I might say, I would never be able to convince him that astrology was anything more than a kind of psychological appeasement for people with weak minds.

Fine, except that I was not trying to convince anyone of anything. It had been a casual statement, no more than part of a single line of text. But I realized at that moment that I actually felt no real need to convince other people of what astrology can do. The judgments of others do not alter what I know I am capable of doing. I am familiar with what is a far more intricate and complicated subject than most people know. I am aware of both what I can do with it and where its limits lie. Those things do not survive or fail based on anyone's belief systems.

That makes my attitude a little different from more selfless astrologers who are keen on sharing whatever wonders they have found. This blog is not going to be designed as a learning experience. If you leave and never come back, I will still know what I know. If you do want to come back...well, I do have my ego; I'd be happy to know you did. But more than that, there's always something to discuss, or a new perspective to see (and I mean that for me as well).

That's the point of this blog, above and beyond any discussion of astrology. I think it could help me learn something. Perhaps it will help me be better than who I am now. Whoever that may be.

After all, right now I am just some guy typing on a keyboard.


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