Fate Versus Free Will

Astrology often brings up this subject, and I have found that there are many people who are passionate about their belief in fate or free will, as passionate as they might be about their political party, or their faith in God (or lack thereof). So, because this tends to be a touchy subject, I was tempted to approach it cautiously.

Then I decided: 'nah, forget that.'

Our universe is one of balances and polarities, positives and negatives. Any given force in existence has an anti-version of itself. I would submit that fate and free will both exist, and that they are polarized aspects of the same temporal flow.

Or, in Plain English: fate is what happens when you're not using your free will.

Consider how often every day you make a willful choice. Not just any choice, but one that specifically allows you to purposefully influence the course of future events. If you have an apple, let's say, you may make a choice to eat it or not eat it. Even if you are hungry, you may override your biological impulses and deny yourself that food. This can be considered an act of free will; maybe not an impressive act, but one that uses free will nevertheless.

Now consider how often in the day you are not purposefully using free will. If your car stops at a red light - and you have your foot near the pedals as well as a working car - then you also have the choice to hit the gas and burn right through the light, laws be damned, because you have the free will to make it happen. You have the free will to choose not to do it as well, but let's face it: the fact that you have that choice may not even occur to you. You hit a red light, so you stop for a moment, and that's just the way it is. How can you be using your free will if you're not even thinking about the fact that you have a choice?

Well, you aren't using your free will. Fate is what is in control there, in this case because you have trained yourself to allow destiny to take control of your life under certain learned conditions (red lights). Your free will isn't absent, just dormant, and a constant series of events are occurring around you without you choosing to influence them in any way. If those things affect you, it is fate. This also includes events you would not be able to influence even if you had known of a choice...for example, if your computer suddenly died because someone wired it poorly at a factory. No real choice for you there, just an event you had no control over. Horary astrology (that is, prediction astrology) presents the idea that fate follows predictable patterns, similar to the ebb and flow of tides, and by recognizing what these patterns represent they can see how fate is operating at a given place and time.

But if I told you that you were fated to get in a horrible accident while driving tomorrow (and be 100% right in that prediction), and because of that you chose not to get into any car the following day, you have essentially overpowered fate with free will.

But that does not mean fate cannot be stronger than free will. Fate has inertia, especially when it is built off of powerful, collective events, such as war. It is difficult for a single man or woman to use their will to overcome a massive amount of events leaning all in the same direction. Sometimes a person can even end up representing a course of destiny, caught in an undertow of fate from which there is no easy escape. Simply choosing action out of a sense of your own free will, while potentially very powerful, has its limits as well.

But I still don't think that means one person can't change the world.


Blogger VW said...

Hello, I keep coming back and rereading what you have, as well as hoping you have posted some more. And I must say your explanation of free will versus fate is very easy to understand.

However, I noticed the last couple of times I have come back that some ads have appeared at the top of your Blogger. This last one was for a free horoscope. Personally I feel this is scam, like you mentioned in one of your entries about the newspaper horoscopes. Even though they get more information from you for this internet 'horoscope', I don't believe it really is enough. Is what I believe true?

8:18 PM  
Blogger Lasciate said...

I don't know, because I don't know the source. I don't have any control over ads that appear, as far as I know (and I haven't seen any ads at all, personally). But it is difficult to say if that particular ad was a scam or not.

There are certainly scam artists online, but it would be severely unfair of me to assume there are no astrologers out there who are perfectly reliable and sincere. And I wouldn't really hold it against them for wanting to make money with this just because I choose not to.

If you wanted to pay to have your natal chart run fully, for far more than a horoscope column can ever do, I'd recommend looking for an astrologer who allows for more human contact, simply because astrology advice is not well regulated (as no one takes it very seriously) and I have a sneaking suspicion that many of these sites that offer full charts rely on pre-written blurbs that are put together...making them technically correct, but so automatic that there's no ability to tie those threads together into a truly human and individual persona.

12:42 AM  

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