I Hear Things...

Well, perhaps it is not hearing, exactly.

More like empathy on steroids, but strangely emotionless at the same time. Unless there is good cause for emotion, of course. But for those who have allowed me to peruse their charts in full, it is difficult to forget what I learn. And so when those people speak I realize what they are saying instead of the countless ways it could be (mis)taken. Even - or especially - when they say it wrong, what they are trying to express slips through, and Why as well. Even without words, the moving body can be like a perfectly defined phrase, for all that it is trying to tell.

Many people have this gift, I think. It is a form of astute observation, and little more. But fewer, though, have the chance to know with conviction when they are correct.

Of course, I typically limit the amount of charts I actually do to those few people that are close to me. Not always, but I am not interested in plying this trade, as such. I suspect that if I did charts more frequently, the pure quantity of it all would muddle things in my brain. And regarding those individuals I have not seen for some time: I have forgotten much of their charts, except for vague and ghostlike memories.

But this is an important truth about astrology: you have to look in order to see. People tend to imagine that astrologers should instantly know things. I am not always looking, or listening, and so there is no absolute prescience or instant comprehension. I must focus, and remember what I know.

I have noticed the way my friends and loved ones respond to my reactions, or my actions, when I am thinking about who they are. Most often, I get an odd look...not quite furtive because they trust me, but something similar...like they are wondering if I am doing "that astrology thing" again. But then a creeping doubt follows swiftly through their eyes. As though they think they are mistaken. Perhaps it is merely coincidence, or maybe I made a lucky guess. After all, no matter what I may have deduced from their charts I cannot truly understand them with the dead-on intimacy I seem to show.



Blogger weng said...

if only half of the world could hear the screams behind every unspoken word...

how can you not understand something you know?

6:24 AM  

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