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Every sign has a description commonly known as a "Mode." The three Modes are called Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. While a sign's Element acts a description for that sign's association with our continued existence, its Mode refers to the way the sign functions within that association.

Ahem...right. Here's the plain English version of that: Modes are the different ways the signs operate.

If you look at the three branches of the U.S. Government, you'll find the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch. Each one of those branches represents the government in a uniquely different way, does a different job, and has a different basic setup and authority. Nevertheless, they all work together to govern the country. This is very similar to how the three Modes work to represent any one Element.

Anyway, I am planning on giving each Mode its own post, but I thought a bit of indentification might be helpful first:

For the Fire signs: Aries is Cardinal, Leo is Fixed, and Sagittarius is Mutable.
For the Earth signs: Capricorn is Cardinal, Taurus is Fixed, and Virgo is Mutable.
For the Air signs: Libra is Cardinal, Aquarius is Fixed, and Gemini is Mutable.
For the Water signs: Cancer is Cardinal, Scorpio is Fixed, and Pisces is Mutable.

By the way...if you're the kind of person who likes rhythm, you might try the following: Find a list of signs in sequential order (the list should start with Aries). Go through the signs one by one and write down the Element it represents. Then go through and do the same thing with the Modes. You'll find there is a method to the madness.

Oh, and P.S.: Astrologers didn't set it up that way or anything. It worked like that to begin with.


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