Somewhere in everyone's chart are Cardinal signs. You'll find them in the Houses, if nowhere else. So even if they are not the dominant Mode, you can be sure that there is something Cardinal about everyone.

Cardinal signs can make for demanding personalities, but also guiding ones. Depending on the Element, this guidance may be subtle (Cancer and Libra) or it may be obvious (Aries and Capricorn). What is not always obvious to the observer is that this includes self-guidance as well as guidance of others. Also unexplained is the point: it is not about possessing authority, per say, but rather about reaching higher levels of achievement. Because authority is relative to the subject...Fixed Modes achieve authority through controlled expansion, and Mutable Modes achieve authority largely through knowledge and comprehension. Both can be different kinds of leadership and guidance. But Cardinal excels at choosing a direction that is (supposed to be) better and going for it.

Achieving these goals for improvement involves a lot of judgment. You'll find Aries judging the choices people make, Cancer criticizing how others feel, Libra arguing endlessly over ideas, and Capricorn rigidly rejecting the way things exist. Aggravating, to be sure, if you're on the other side. But what is going on is deeper than judgment and criticism, and it is the same thing that can make Aries so inspiring, and Cancer so comforting, and Libra so flattering, and Capricorn so supportive.

In essence, it is a test for worth and value. By inciting whatever is within their Element, a Cardinal sign gets a clearer picture of that Element. By continually pressuring and testing things, they are trying to force out flaws to reject...and purifying value to support.

Libra isn't debating everything under the sun to be a pain in the neck. Its a rigorous test to make absolutely sure that the ideas being presented have the most possible worth, and that any flaw in thinking is identified and removed. The same thing goes for Aries, who wants to see the most powerful form of an individual's energy rise up while weakness falls away...essentially, Aries incites to see your greatest strengths emerge. Cancer and Capricorn are both very pessimistic in their own way, but what they are basically doing is testing either beliefs or reality to ensure that if it is flawed - at all - those flaws are revealed and destroyed. And when you're not on the receiving end of that testing, you may note that they do this to themselves constantly.

And yes, they can go too far. Any Mode can.

But if you turn that judgment around, you'll find that Cardinal signs truly uplift the positives they find, and hold on to any actual value they find in their Element. That is also part of the road to the highest levels of improvement.

And it is very important. Very. Because for all the judging that goes on along the way, there is no harsher judgment for a Cardinal sign than that of their own success or failure in achievement. Failure drives itself straight into the Cardinal sense of self-worth. To them, failing happens because of flaws, and therefore their failure means they're flawed. Ultimately, a Fixed Mode will withstand failure and a Mutable one will adapt to deal with it, but failure can stick it to a Cardinal sign like nothing else. This is one reason why they are so demanding in their Element, and why The Plan is so important (having to abandon a plan is seen as the equivalent if its failure). Also, success is cause for a kind of self-glorification...a celebration of the validation of the direction they chose, because if it is good that makes them good. Either way, they feel utterly responsible for what happens at the end of their attempts.

It was, after all, the course that they charted.


Blogger Horus said...

Very interesting stuff as always. I am on the cusp of leo and cancer, july 20. I've always looked up my horoscope as a cancer because that's the range of dates I fit into.

Everytime I read those descriptions of a typical cancer I feel as though some of it is right on target and some of it is way, way off. Could that be the Leo influence?
For example, in one description I read it said that cancers are often timid. I, as almost anybody can tell you, am the very antithesis of timid. In fact, I've been accused of being overly aggressive and somewhat demanding of others. I've also been told that I demand that people live up to my expectations.

I have struggled to change this about myself, to tone it down to at least a reasonable level, but not completely rid myself of those traits, because they've been the cause of most of my successes. What are your thoughts on this?

3:10 PM  
Blogger Lasciate said...

Astrology done well is complicated. Columns on Cancers (or any other sign) belittles both the capabilities of astrology and the complexity of the human psyche.

Cancer at its height can be timid, yes, but as it moves closer to Leo aggressive tendencies emerge. Nevertheless, that is still a totally hack answer, the astrological equal of "pop psychology."

I talk more about this in an earlier post, found here:


And thank you for asking a good question instead of dismissing possiblity out of hand.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Lasciate said...

If you want to get an idea of "what more than a Cancer" there is to your chart, you can go to astro.com and check out the free personality profile charts.

Astro.com warning: Their descriptions are cut-and-paste and this makes them unhelpful except in a vague sense (that way they can still charge you for a real analysis that means something).

But what I think may be more interesting to you is to see how many other signs play a major part in your character.

3:42 PM  
Blogger weng said...

i tried reading your post but i can't seem to process it at the moment. must be this freaking migraine i'm having. anyway, hope you're having a good day! post my comment when i can finally think straight. au revoir!

5:26 AM  
Blogger Lasciate said...

I hope you feel better soon, weng (and that your migraine is not a very frequent thing).

And it could also be the way I wrote it. Or you might not have a lot of Cardinal influence in your chart, which can show that the Cardinal style is not very emphasized in your perspective.

Or it could be a migraine. Heh...

6:19 AM  
Blogger VW said...

Thank you! I appreciate all this input as I am still trying to get it all sorted out. This is great reference material. Now if I could just figure out Ascension versus Cardinal versus Mode versus Aspects! Grin. I know I know, I'll have to just keep working at it. Actually it is starting to come together. Sometimes I think I just have a brain fart and it all goes away. I know it'll come back, right after I figure something else out.

6:45 AM  
Blogger weng said...

believe me it has nothing to do with your post, it's my migraine and unfortunately, it has been a constant battle since my early 20s. i'm better now, thanks. =D

11:21 PM  

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