You know that old saying: can't see the forest for the trees?

When it comes to the four Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), they can see the forest, but the trees are their specialty. It is a matter of analysis, really, but typically at a very high speed. So if you want to get a better idea of how the Mutable signs work, it might be more helpful to put the DVD player in your head on Slow Motion for a moment.

Mutable signs take the inherent process of their Element and focus in on two main things. First, they notice the smallest individual parts of it they can recognize. That can range from verbal nuances to personal quirks, or the light in someone's eyes, pixels on a screen, musical notes, tones of another culture in a living room, the grooves left behind the scrape of a paintbrush, the slight tremble in a voice, you name it. If it is highly detailed and sympathetic to the Element of a Mutable sign, they will see it in the smallest grain they can capture. It is basically the ability to comprehend things on a cellular kind of level.

Secondly, they understand something akin to function: how any one of those detailed parts applies to the whole. This allows them to make determinations about what parts are crucial, what parts create flaws in the larger body, what does This and what That is for...all at a basic level. And once that is understood, a tweak here or there in the right spot can change the whole thing. The entire process is often fascinating to Mutable signs, especially due to the fact that so small a thing can have such a powerful effect.

This allows Gemini, for example, to be great talkers and debaters. They can fine-tune a topic of conversation or detect flaws in pieces of a phrase. Virgos can spot flaws in a plan or make minute yet positive changes to their environment. Sagittarius can comprehend points of disorder and the pieces of individual nature that makes everyone unique no matter how alike two people may seem. And Pisces, which is known for empathy and the ability to heal psychological scars, "gets" belief at the source, and sees what parts of the undefined help or hurt emotional health. And that's just a handful of examples of the varied ways Mutable signs might use their talents.

With any new experience of interest, a Mutable sign will usually enter exploration gear. Exploration goes on to become understanding as the underlying foundations become clearer. And this is what the Mutable Mode brings to the table for the other two Modes. Without the level of comprehension Mutable signs can promote, Fixed and Cardinal signs would be unable to make the kinds of decisions they do (or not as well, anyway). This is why Mutable signs are also called Communicator signs...they express the details of their Element for others.

Another important attribute of the Mutable Mode is what comes of being so close to the small details: All Mutable signs have a stronger duality than the other two Modes. (you should probably pause that DVD player now). Everything at its smallest component ultimately ends up being positive or a negative. This scientifically true, morally true, true for frequencies, true for relationships. The positives and negatives of an Element will often be hyperclear to a Mutable sign. This reason this is important is because it is this ability to perceive clearly that ends up emphasizing the Mutable duality and contrast.

Gemini is relatively famous for this (the whole good twin/bad twin stereotype of being able to be of two minds). Pisces can be emotionally powerful yet masochistic at the same time...even though this might seem like it should be a contradiction, it is not. Sagittarius can represent our basic human condition as a different kind of animal upon the earth, and yet can also tie that to the power behind human philosophy and intellectual worldliness. Virgo, for being a sign known for narcissim, also seems to accept having to do the work no one else will, belying the idea of ego inherent to narcissistic tendency.

For Mutable Modes, one thing is usually put forward while the other is held back. Sometimes those two sides flip around, but they are not often both openly present. It's just that standing so close to a basic positive also provides a view of its contrasted negative counterpart, and vice versa. But I don't mean having a "good side versus bad side" (though it can mean that). It works more like "plus or minus" at a foundational level. The ability to tap into either side of their Element on such a fine level is precisely what makes Mutable signs as utterly capable as they are. Compared to the way Fixed signs reject what they don't want and Cardinal signs choose paths (and by this decision another road is not taken), this lets the Mutable Mode have one foot in both worlds. It also gives the other two Modes information to base their decisions on.

When you hit Play again on that DVD player, you can see that at regular speed Gemini is simply being brilliant and engaging, Virgo becomes immensely smart and practical, Sagittarius becomes wonderfully accessible and human, and Pisces becomes easy to believe in and feel comfortable around. Yes, there's the flip side, too, but I'd rather accentuate the positive.


Blogger LisaPal said...

As usual, a beautiful exposition on the subject. I really see my Pisces sister in your explanation. She's a social worker who does volunteer grief counseling, yet puts herself through incessant worry and finds it hard to stand up for herself when her feelings are disregarded. (But she's getting better with this.)

No one I now would argue against my mutrable Virgoan tendency toward hyper-analysis, something I can't seem to abandon. This is probably due to my inability to accept the notion that any piece of information related to an investigation of something could be insignificant, no matter how small it is. It's fits into the whole somehow and may at some point prove to be the key to understanding. For most of my life, I was inclined toward being a research scientist and I was encouraged to follow this by teachers who understood the way my mind so easily put things together. The reasons I didn't follow that path are pretty rediculous and I'll save it because I have a feeling you'll write something that will trigger the explanation from the astrological perspective.

It's really something how this works, because it's not all so general and vague, (as many like to argue) and the things that apply are things in my chart and the things that don't apply (at least so far) are the things that are missing. Interesting indeed!

One question: If you were born on a solstice or equinox, would that be apparent in something in the chart? (Could you tell by looking at it?) I don't know if it's relevant or not, but I'm curious to understand what I'm looking at when I see that wheel.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Lasciate said...

Western Astrology, being seasonal in nature, is tied to each year's precise solstice and equinox. The exact time of the equinox - from the equal day/night perspective - is also the start of Aries (spring) and Libra (fall) at 0.00 degrees. Likewise with the solstices at 0.00 Cancer (summer) and Capricorn (winter).

So, yes, it would be apparent in a chart, because the Sun would be somwehere close to that 0th degree. How close counts as "close" is up for interpretation. Going back a degree to 29.00 Virgo or forward to 1.00 Libra covers time equal to just short of a full day (just over a full day for the solstices).

4:09 PM  
Blogger VW said...

This is perfect timing. The first real work I'm doing is on a female friend who, you guessed it, is a virgo. I have been printing out your information and putting it with my stuff. This one will get printed twice, so I can give her a copy too. As if you haven't guessed, I'm a Leo... so of course I purrr when you put stuff out about Leo's as well. If I am reading the data sheet right from astro.com, I'm a sun sign of leo with a moon sign of cancer and am ascending from sagittarius. Phew. Hope I said that right. But I'm waiting to do my own for a little later. I'm just happy that what I do through Parker's is pretty much matching what I get from Astro. Though what you write actually ties it together for me and helps me actually understand what it means. Thanks again!

1:20 PM  
Blogger VW said...

I just have to share my excitement. I had a whole 30 minutes today to sit quietly and work on this. I figured out the circular chart! I then figured out how to read more of the stuff I got from Astro - trines, squares, sextiles, conj and so on!!!! My apologies... but I just had to share my joy of it coming together!!!!

2:29 PM  
Blogger Lasciate said...

Congratulations, VW! Especially considering how preciously rare your time is...I'm glad to hear you're got some time, and that you are enjoying this :) And I hope you're proud of yourself :P

By the way, that is how you'd say it, pretty much. It's also fairly common to shorten all that by titling the planet (or whatever) with the sign, for example: "I have a Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, and Sagittarian Ascendant" and so on.

2:46 PM  

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