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I remember playing with those when I was a kid. Tinker Toys, too, but I definitely preferred the LEGOs.

Anyhow...there are four signs with the Fixed Mode: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Like the other two Modes, they will be found somewhere in everyone's chart. To understand the psychology of a Fixed sign, it helps me to remember that they are the ones who build and establish their Element. In other words, they are out to create structures that last as long as possible.

To "create" often implies that something physical is being crafted, but this is not always true. One can create a good home without actually building it. It is likewise possible to create power structures, or emotional bonds, or social structures such as clubs or schools of thought. For the Fixed sign, creation is more a matter of organizing things in a new way to make them last as long as possible in (hopefully) the most positive way. This is why Fixed signs are sometimes called Organizer signs, too.

The traits that mark Fixed signs have their foundation in this process. For example, the tendency to see things as one way or another. You might find a Fixed sign rejecting something almost out of hand, without any discussion or in-depth analysis. Primarily, this is because a Fixed sign wishes to add everything they come into contact with to what they have already established. But they will not add something which weakens the structure. And so, inevitably, they run into things that just won't fit well, and those things are rejected.

Quite firmly, too. Fixed signs are notoriously stubborn.

While Taurus has the fame on this one, the attitude of Leo is also insufferably untamed, the emotional establishments of Scorpio are nearly unbreachable, and the core mental habits of Aquarius will not be altered. With any of those signs, you will find there are some things they just will not do differently. You can fight all day, and they will not give up an inch of ground. Because what they establish is meant to last, and the organization of it is made specifically to withstand. Fixed signs are loathe to reorganize, and they will fight hard against it even when it is for their own good. And being as well organized as they are, that fight can be a very hard one.

That organization is central to ensuring that things can last, for themselves and for others. Whatever they find acceptable is used to increase the stability of their world. Once their core establishments have achieved greater stability, a Fixed sign may then feel free to expand outward to find more. This is how Fixed signs grow and expand, often through absorption (Fixed signs prefer that things come into their world, not vice versa).

To get an idea of how well a Fixed sign organizes, though, one simply needs to look at their control over their Element. Taurus, for example, represents Earth, and therefore material finance (among many other things) . Taurus spending is very controlled, to the point that it seems they won't spend unless they absolutely must. This is the basis for their "miserly" reputation. Leo is Fire, and so energy and power are part of its establishment, yet for the most part they are graceful and smooth despite all that vibrancy, and not agitated and twitchy...their energy is carefully controlled, which can be an example of their reputation for laziness. Nor is Scorpio the weepy and moody Water sign of excess emotion. They can be controlled to the point that sometimes they seem to possess no emotion, and are called cold and unfeeling. And Airy Aquarians, odd as they may be, have a very controlled system of thought, even though they may appear scattered-brained, leaping incoherently from thought to thought.

But anyone who knows these signs well has experienced the power behind that controlled conservation. Fixed signs can bring strength of their Element to bear on something quite powerfully, and they often do. They can also be a constant source of that element...of comfort and strength...so long as their Element is released under specific, personally defined rules and guidelines. They can turn the flow on and off, but if you know their ways, so can you - assuming they trust you.

But that carefully controlled Element is much like a water reserve: it fills up if not used. Eventually, this will require growth, or else it overflows (sometimes destructively, like a bursting dam). So either continual expansion or a continual chance to use their talents is healthy for a Fixed sign, so long as the pace doesn't weaken their sense of stability.

By rigorously defending that which makes their Element strongest, the four Fixed signs ensure that things in life have a way to last.


Blogger LisaPal said...

Wow...this is all starting to make sense...

So, if I have this fixed sign of Aquarius in the 1st house, I can connect these fixed characteristics to my individual personality. (That's what the ascendant is about,right?)

AM I understanding this correctly?

As per your quote,
"And Airy Aquarians, odd as they may be, have a very controlled system of thought, even though they may appear scattered-brained, leaping incoherently from thought to thought."
I have been accused of doing those leaps, but I definitely know the thoughts are not incoherently disconnected, despite appearances. I can see it all very clearly inside my mind, but the thoughts just won't stay in an orderly line and wait their turn to come out.

Thank God this doesn't happen all the time, but my students will certainly attest to the fact that it does happen. It's just my mind working several steps ahead of my mouth, and with those impatient line-breakers cutting in, well...no question it looks like scattered disorganization.

And if Aquarius were in some other house, this would manifest as ir relates to whatever that house rules. (?)

Am I interpreting this correctly? Please say yes, so I don't have to start over! (Just kidding.)

4:42 AM  
Blogger Lasciate said...

Yes. :P

That's basically how it is applied. Element + Mode makes up a bulk of the sign, and that is then applied to the meaning of the House or celestial body. And so, your personal identification and presentation (you're correct on the Ascendant) is Aquarian, though powered by a Virgo Sun and with the emotional reflection of your Moon sign...and on and on through the complexities...but on this aspect taken alone, it is applied as you've assessed.

You also wrote:
"I can see it all very clearly inside my mind, but the thoughts just won't stay in an orderly line and wait their turn to come out."

Since this post was about Fixed signs, I'll borrow that and take it a step further: your thoughts probably have no real NEED to wait for turns. Leaping from track to track, or even a simultaneous balancing of thoughts is probably easy simply due to the excellent organization of mental relationships. Though with a Virgo sun I suppose there would also be a level of thought dissection (at least for examination purposes) that you would not find if you took the Aquarius sign as a purely Platonic entity.

A law of efficiency is that every unnecessary step that can be removed from a process increases its efficiency. Fixed signs organize themselves in a way to maximize efficiency (vital to conserving the power of their Element). Having logical tracks you can follow without having to takes extra steps to accommodate other thoughts is an example of the structured logical process designed to "maximize mentality at a minimal cost in mental energy." But while you may know the logic exists without having to think about it, to an outsider who does not have access to that same framework it can appear...well, flighty.

6:57 AM  

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