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It's hard to know quite where to start with this. So, I guess I'll just go with it.

Whether or not this weblog will continue currently hinges on the outcome of this Presidential election. That may seem logically disconnected to people out there, for what does astrology really have to do with politics? But, I have my reasons.

Still, there have been some fairly constant readers, and I hate to return their interest in this subject with sudden silence (even though I still plan to visit their weblogs). So, in anticipation of the potential discontinuance of this blog, I wanted to forewarn those people - weng, VW, and Lisa especially - so that they might ask any questions that they really wanted to ask, or present any topics they wanted to hear more about.

So, I'll be paying close attention to the comments for the next week, and responding as I can, perhaps with more than one post per day. As for this weblog itself, we'll see what happens when the President elect is chosen.

Ciao for now.


Blogger VW said...

It is sad to think you may not be here anymore, but I know you will need to do what is best for you. Of course, I hope you stay GRIN. And even if you do not post on Astrology, you are always welcome to drop by my blog or send me an email just to say hi.

I do not have any questions today. I will work on it as much as I can tonight and see if there is anything I can come up with. I appreciate you giving me this opportunity!

Take care! VW

11:19 AM  
Blogger LisaPal said...

I'm at a loss for questions right now and can't help but have my curiosity piqued by the election/blog termination connection. Will you tell us which outcome results in keeping the blog up and vice versa?

Even if you decide to give up this blog, I hope you consider blogging onward in some other fashion and not just reading the posts of others. You're a good writer with interesting perspectives on life and the world around you. You have much to share with us, whether it's about astrology or not. So I hope, whatever the outcome, you don't completely disappear from the blogosphere as a writer.

4:31 AM  
Blogger VW said...

The only question I have been able to come up with is - what should I look at next? Or maybe a better wording would be - what is the next step?

I know I need to continue working on Parker's and getting that understanding well under my belt. But when I feel comfortable with that... what should I look at reading or working towards?

7:24 AM  
Blogger The Elephant said...

Letting the outcome of the election determine your continuance of this blog saddens me. For those of us who are dissappointed in the outcome it is even more important that a diversity of voices be heard on any and all subjects. Bush may have won reelection, but his power is not unlimited and the more voices that are out there the better it is for all of us. Don't give up, we need you!


10:49 AM  
Blogger weng said...

i haven't been visiting your site in a long while, too much work in the office which irritates me so. and seeing this post doesn't help much to lift my boring afternoon. anyway, i sure will miss your posts if ever you do intend to discontinue this weblog.

if i may, a word of advice which you never asked and i have no place giving =D , you have a gift of seeing people (even those you haven't personally met). it's a pity not to have the chance to read through your stuff anymore.

i guess what i'm saying is, i will miss your thoughts. =D

12:41 AM  
Blogger Lasciate said...

Thank you all.

I have changed my mind, though, as written in my November 3rd post. It is interesting to see how many people come to the blog via my profile (presumably from the Comments on their site). The profiles never show the most recent posts. :P

6:21 AM  

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