A Faith-Based President

Those words bring to mind religion, but let’s keep faith and religion apart for a moment, because you do not need the structure of religion to have faith in something. That is important to understand about G.W. Bush, because his Cancer Sun Sign has a great deal to do with faith even without religion.

The Sun Sign can be likened to a source of energy that a person draws from to power everything else. Everything about a person’s psychology runs off of the Sun Sign’s power, no matter how that energy gets changed or used along the way. This, along with the ease of figuring out a Sun Sign, is why it is so often used as the central definition for a person. Without the planets and Houses such a definition is ultimately lacking, but it still retains both its presence and its importance as a capable identifier.

For G.W. Bush, Cancer is close to midway through the sign at 13 degrees (out of 30), and therefore he possesses solid Cancerian traits at his core. Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign, a fact which can be restated in several ways. But this might be the most accurate way to put it: He has a talent for guiding belief. That power is what drives all else that comes out of his personality.

On the Water side, he understands how to deal with (and deal in) feelings, emotions, and beliefs. On this matter, he can “feel things” around him, and is comfortable with matters of faith. This is an empathic man. He also gets the concepts tied to faith and belief, and understands that meaning can be unchecked by the constraints of reality. Imagination – even fantasy – can and does overrun actuality…and if this were not true, no world of the imagination would ever come into being. Consider that the idea of a woman having many rights was “pure fantasy” 100 years ago. The “reality” was clear and constrictive: women had few of the same rights as men. Or consider the phrase: “I have a dream…”

But fantasy and dreaming can also bring self-deceit and manipulations of thought. Too much of a disassociation from reality causes problems, and from the overview of Bush’s chart, this is often true for him. Things that make no practical sense are brought to life in the imagination, even if such things are contradictory. The doublethink and oxymoronic phrases that have been ripe throughout his Presidency are examples of this. Catastrophic success? Orwell was a Cancer too, you know. Even as the two words fuse together with meaning in the mind, to realists a catastrophe and a success remain oppositional thoughts.

But there is also the Cardinal side, which means he sets faith-based courses to be obtained, and everything about the outcome of that course is given magnified importance. It is his preferred method. He gathers the beliefs of those around him and directs those faiths, to wit: tells them what to believe. He tells the country what to believe, what to have faith in. He wants the world to imagine WMDs, for he believes it, and so he speaks and acts to get the world to believe. Even if that takes some deception, it is good so long as it puts your faith in line with his, towards the achievement of his Cardinal purposes. His faiths (and his hallucinations) become infectious, sometimes by any means necessary.

He speaks not just in words and acts, but in emotion, with passion and feeling. Make fun of his articulation if you like. He’s not trying to guide by phraseology, but by manifesting emotion in others. Everyone saw that at its height in the speech right after 9/11. It was not his words. It was how he said them that bought him the loyalty that for many people remains undying. His stature tapped into the emotions of many, and the power of that faith was guided with a single, unspoken command: follow me, for I can make this right again.

I often say that Water signs manipulate, but manipulation is not bad by default. The truth is that Bush guided our faith and was a comforting leader in a time of great despair. He was uniquely well-suited for that very thing. But for almost all that followed, choosing belief over reality led to greater discordance with what was happening. Yet he still believed himself, and he called on others to have faith as well. Surrounded by those who followed him (“we all believed he had WMD”) events ceased to be reality-based and became faith-based. And here we can insert God once more. Ultimately, G.W. Bush believes that his faith is reality, his steps lead to what is fated to be, and when that is defined by his religion: all is as God wills it.

Check that out very carefully, because it is crucial to understanding Bush. The world is what he believes it to be, and he clings to that belief even as he simultaneously pushes for it to happen. It is not unlike the self-fulfilling religious philosophy for monarchs in the Middle Ages: they were kings by God’s grace, for how else could they possibly have become kings?

Emotional obsession can spring from that mentality as well, like those romantic comedies where the hero or heroine pursues the (wrong) girl or guy because he or she believes “it is fate.” And if they succeed, to them it is because It Was Meant To Be, not because of their clinging pursuit of their addiction. In the real world away from the happy endings of a story, this obsessive behavior can cause problem after problem, especially when it gets tied to self-deception.

I could write much more on this, but I’m going to wrap it up now with noting how much Cancers like their privacy. Belief and emotions can make for fragile and sensitive pursuits, so those Cardinal goals are safer when hidden, and under personal control. So few press releases, such secrecy and silence from this White House. Bush wants his methods to remain securely tucked away, carefully and quietly shielded from harm. And so I know this to be true: there are few things on this earth that would rattle the very heart of him as much as having his private world opened up for all to see.


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