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I hope everyone had as nice of a holiday break as possible! Unless, of course, you’re from outside of the U.S. and are like “Oh yeah, the States have that Thanksgiving thing…”

Anyhow, I am going to get back to Bush, but I wanted to go off track for a moment on the matter of “behavioral gaps” brought up in a recent comment.

There are few ways a person deviates from the natal chart. The most common is probably free will, typically strongest in the Fire Element due to its independent nature. And it would be pretty much impossible to find a chart with no Fire perspective whatsoever (or a lack of any other Element), due to the way the Houses spread out. But in drawing a line between a person’s natal chart and their behavior, you create a kind of relationship, which any Fire influence may consider breaking (if for no other reason than to assert independence).

To look at it another way, if I analyzed a chart and it revealed a very vain and narcissistic person, I could presume that person would not walk by a mirror without looking in to check their appearance. However, if I told them they could not (whether I mentioned astrology or not), then by an act of free will they could force themselves to bypass a mirror without looking into it. Simply knowing allows deviation due to free will. On the other hand, it is likely that once the moment of rebellion had passed, that person would continue as they always had, ensuring their appearance was as perfect as possible.

Additionally, there are some charts where behavior is hard to pin down because unpredictable behavior is the norm. Water and Fire tend towards this more than the other two Elements, and Cardinal and Mutable Modes more than Fixed. Nevertheless, even for the most erratic person could say the behavior was “predictably changeable.” Orwellian, but true.

Another source of behavioral gaps is astrology’s due to astrology’s lack of mathematical finesse. I’m setting the bar pretty high here, and other astrologers would probably not like me saying astrology lacked capability because astrology can and does give out startlingly accurate information. Nevertheless, I consider it a far cry from being refined.

Warning: Here comes the math (but not too much).

Astrology uses the planets, as well as the Sun and Moon, to map a person’s universal location. I don’t know if these things have any direct influence over psychology as such, but celestial bodies do serve as excellent points of reference. And all of these points of reference are on a revolution. That means at any given point in time they are beating a circular path around any given spot on Earth (say, where someone was born).

That path is a 360 degree circle, divided into 12 signs by astrology. But one sign doesn’t just suddenly end as another begins. Pisces doesn’t just hit a point and – whoops! – now it’s Aries. The change is a gradual transformation, as a given planet slides through Pisces it drops Aquarius traits and acquires more Aries traits, even though it is neither one (or perhaps like yellow and blue, it is a shade of green). So simply stating Pisces has a specific behavior…well, that behavior is somewhat different at the beginning, middle, and end.

That is why I use 360 degrees for a smaller measure. But even so, degrees are the smallest astrological measure I know of that can reliably define personality. What about the parts of degrees: the so-called minutes, seconds, or even parts of seconds? The planets and such aren’t just warping from degree to degree as they move around us. Math tells us that between any two points on a line there are an infinite number of points. That means Pisces at a degree of three is different from Pisces at a degree of three-and-a-half, and also different from Pisces at a degree of 3.000001. That difference must include behavior.

Am I too picky? When it is that small, does it make much of a difference? Maybe, maybe not. But there is room for behavioral gaps there.


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