Heya, Gee Dub...

Click to enlarge, and all that. I know, the resolution isn't going to win any prizes.


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Not that I can look at one of these things and, right off the bat, see things the meanings of which I understand. But I have to say that it strikes me the way everything is so unbalanced and how everything is concentrated in the area between the 3rt and 11th houses. And what a neat triangle. (Trine?) The charts I've seen (including my own) seem to have more lines and look more multidimentional. I have no idea if that's bad or good or neither or if it just depends on your perspective. I'm looking forward to understanding the aspects and taking a closer look at what is where, but for now, I must sleep for tomorrow (technically, that would be later today, I guess,) I have a class to prepare for and teach.

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