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Those who have followed politics closely are probably going to be surprised by the lack of surprise here. That’s because you already know a lot of what I plan to illustrate about G.W. Bush in the weeks to come. Sure, there will be some hidden things pulled the forefront, and some expansions on what is already known. But for the most part, I think the shock will come from the fact that you learned what I am going to say long ago, and now get to watch it unfold using techniques that exist apart from perception alone.

Just to be clear, this is all I need:

Date of birth - 7/6/46
Time of birth - 7:26 A.M. (EDT)
Place of birth - New Haven, CT (72 West 55, 41 North 18)

That’s it. Temporal and spatial data as numbers, the only information needed to get a snapshot of the universe that existed when the world population increased by one baby Bush.

I’ve already run his natal chart, and the first thing I am going to do is an overview of his conscious psychology (you can find that method here). The results are as follows:

Fire: 11
Earth: 3
Air: 8
Water: 6
Cardinal: 13
Fixed: 11
Mutable: 4

Forgetting the detail of any planetary or House sign Bush possesses, we can see that Bush leans strongly towards Fire, Cardinal, and Fixed qualities. All three of these have high ratings, and so it can be said that they dominate his way of operating. Generally speaking, he paves the way to change with Cardinal Fire, and makes that change permanent with Fixed Fire. Creates chaos, creates energy, creates power. Possibly good things, though unchecked chaos and energy is usually destructive. Additionally, Fire is individual- and self-oriented. He probably appreciates the many unique traits of America, but often places his own importance above that.

Because Fire loves individuality, he can warm up to many types of people. Because change can bring the destruction of darker things, Fire can be a beacon of hope. Even if you dislike Bush, these are very real and substantial traits to other people, and to himself.

Does having a high Cardinal make him a good leader? Well, ‘good’ is rather subjective, is it not? What he does do is pick a direction and go (with few, if any, adjustments to his plan). That is classically Cardinal.

Also clear in the numbers above are the methodology and alliances he all but ignores. Earth and Mutable qualities have decidedly low scores. As I have said before, Earth allies itself with reality and actuality and definition. It is concerned with hard truth, not blind faith.

(What’s that? Bush ignores reality? Say it isn’t so!)

But here is something: Fire leads into Earth. If you create change, you create a new reality afterwards. Bush pays little attention to reality because his focus is on recreating it. He sees reality as it exists as mostly irrelevant.

Mutable traits of adaptation and nuance and detail are de-emphasized as well. The Mutable Mode also tends to understand service and maintenance in a way the other two do not. Election Postmortem: Kerry is highly Mutable at a whopping score of about 18, and those who watched the elections saw that mega-Mutable versus Bush’s Simply Not. The contrast was blatant.

So what does this mean? As a sketch, it means that we have a public leader (Cardinal), but not a public servant (Mutable). Bush obeys his own will (Fire) far more than reality (Earth). That means the jokes about him being a puppet only hold true if the puppeteers are convincing him of what he really wants. And perhaps they are…he has enough Air to pursue some kind of relationship with those around him - even a negative one. Also note that the Water qualities are in the low-middle ground. Religion and belief is important to him, yes, but God is not placed on the same level as his own ideas.

Aside from that, you must completely trust in him. I mean, you have little choice now, and I do not say that because “the election’s over.” That has nothing to do with it. I am saying that if anyone re-elected Bush on the hope that he would change course or pay much attention to anything besides his own agenda, those people are going to be sorely disappointed. Bush and Kerry both told you so: “stay the course” in a Bush Administration, it means “more of the same.” It was one of the few truths to come out of that election. Don’t think that because Fire equals change Bush might change his way. Element is an alliance, not a way of doing things…methodology belongs to Mode. Mutable signs alter course, not Cardinal or Fixed. And success is a complete Cardinal validation…so while the other Modes may care about how much he won by, Cardinal sure doesn’t. I Won is all he needs to know how he was Right and can Keep On Going.

Anyhow, I’ll stop with the salting of wounds and dashing of hopes now. By clicking on an Element or Mode above, you can read (or refresh your memory) on what little I’ve written about the Modes and Elements already, and use the overview numbers to scale how important each one is to him. Remember, even with a lower rating in something, there is still a capacity for it. That means he can and does deal with Earthy reality and Mutable nuance every so often…though only when he must, and probably not very well. He’d rather not pay attention to it, and if using power and course-setting offers an alternative of any kind, he’ll go that route instead.

Of course, he now has great power to set his course with. They are already talking about his Administration’s “mandate” in the news.


Blogger VW said...

This is great. I love examples. I'm still working on my friend's chart. She is an Air (13), Fixed (12), Mutable (13). I'm confused with the Fixed/Mutable. They are so close. Fixed is steadfast reaction and Mutable is a flexible reaction. Since they are so evenly weighted... how do you decide how to decifer this? I have been reading different documents, but nothing talks about when they are evenly weighted. Thanks!

4:05 PM  
Blogger VW said...

I love children but they can cause me to hit the publish key too soon.

The other part of that comment was that my guess is that she will be steadfast when she makes a decision but flexible enough to change her reaction if enough logic has been applied to show her a new point of view.

Or am I way off base?

4:12 PM  
Blogger Lasciate said...

No, you're quite safely on base.

Equal is not a one-or-the-other kind of thing. It includes both. In her case, the stabilizing capabilities of a Fixed sign blend with the flexibility of Mutable signs. Such a balance leads one Mode into the other, so I would presume she has a grasp of the Air element's finer details, but an equivalent skill in directing those into a structured system of relationships.

An Air example - which may or may not apply to her - could be someone who uses smart verbal conversation (Mutable) as a sort of glue to keep her circle of friends solid (Fixed).

Also, when it gets down to equal scores and you want to know when and where they come into play, it is usually time to set aside the overview and look at the planets and Houses where those qualities show up. Because at that point you'll require more than the glance an overview gives you.

7:28 PM  
Blogger VW said...

Perfect! I thought you were right on with your response and when I showed it to her she was shocked. It was perfect. I will go back and look at the planets and houses and see what else I can learn. It sure feels good when you actually start to understand what you are working on. I have a LONG way to go, but it is starting to make sense.

11:18 AM  

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