My Pet Goat, Squared

A person’s Moon Sign controls emotional reflection. What I mean by that is that anything that happens in a personal way causes an emotional reaction. This reaction could be strong or weak or middling, but as events happen to us, we reflect those events with our emotional response. Violence makes for a strong example here: for some, violence may be cause for fear or shame, for others it can result in anger or even ambition for glory. How (and how much) a person reacts to any given stimuli on an emotional level depends a lot on both the Moon sign and the nature of the stimulant.

Of course, if the Moon reflects events from the outside, it begs the question: Where does it reflect to? The answer is: to the subjective personality, which is most centrally and easily defined by the Sun Sign. Conversely, the subjective personality reflects itself on the world via the Moon sign, creating a personal ambiance and attitude that is not defined by the physical senses so much as it is perceived by feelings and impressions (further defined by one’s own Moon Sign). But this is a very internal process; even the concept of identity is too definable via stereotypes and caricatures to represent the Moon sign.

Bush’s Cancer Sun traits (as well as other internal ones) reflect off a Libran Moon, while outside events strike an emotional chord with him after being perceived through Libra. So the sign of Libra helps show what kind of emotional perceptions he receives, as well as his emotional expressions.

Libra deals with relationships, which leads to both logical thought and personal partnerships. When something profoundly emotional occurs, Bush reacts to it not as though he were alone, but as it relates to another person or a concept (again, this “we are” emotional response served him very well after 9/11, where Bush’s shock and alarm and pain was easily shared with that of the nation). This is the true hope of having him lead a bipartisan future.

It’s not that likely, though. First of all, he probably has enough partnerships among his immediate ideological associates to feel content. Libra is Cardinal, and so having many partners on the same course as he creates an emotional reinforcement for him. The foremost influence is likely to be his wife: his partner in life and emotional bonding.

Also, a desire to relate does not always translate well into an ability to do so. It is in this regard the Libran judgment usually comes in handy, by understanding what is good or bad for a course of a relationship. This means that if he already has the impression of a liberal or Democratic agenda as a flawed idea, then the emotional prod is to reject, not integrate, their preferred course. Disassociation is the more likely result, and when that is impossible, Bush will want to take the “iron fist in a velvet glove” approach, holding tight to his course while trying to calmly justify things to the Left in order to pacify them.

Bush also has a powerful split between a Cardinal Air Moon and Cardinal Water Sun. He has what astrology calls a “square” here, which is an angle that drags the personality in two directions that are incompatible without some kind of compromise. If Cardinal signs are the course setters, then which sign sets the course? Bush feels like he must turn to logic (his Libran Moon), but his strength is in emotion and faith (his Cancer Sun), not logic. If he cannot find a way to combine the two he will find himself discomforted by either approach.

Hence, the infamous My Pet Goat scenario. Bush was told America was under attack and BAM! Emotional reaction. We all had one. It was immediately reflected off Moon signs everywhere. In Bush, he related the event to himself (a HUGE relationship, with him being the President and all), and his Libra Moon would have desired the most logical and flawless course, an emotional insistence that was proportional to the severity of what was happening. But Bush was also alone: no one to ask questions, no partners, with nothing in his personal history that he could relate to on this matter. An emotional response – his Cancerian strength – held too many potential fallacies for his Libran Moon to feel comfortable with, which is an excellent example of a squared angle kind of problem for Cardinal signs. His greatest strength was countered by the fear of using it badly.

That was what was probably happening that day in that classroom. Alone and fearful of doing the wrong thing, the President froze. Simple as that. People have called it his Deer-In-Headlights look, and that is what it was. He was probably frantic to come up with any good course of action, but he needed something that could help him decide what that was in terms of good or bad, and dared not make a move until then. His paralysis was not mental or physical, but emotional.

But a short while later, after having talked to (related to) many people and found a course of action where he could lead people towards the emotions of hope and comfort, his display was nearly flawless. If such a thing were to happen again, he at least has an event in his past to relate it to, and so I doubt the Deer-In-Headlights look is coming back anytime soon.

Again, so much more could be said, but I have a feeling my posts are too long for people as it is. So I’ll leave off with this side note:

The overview method can be helpful for determining the stronger of two or more conscious influences between signs. For example, total Cardinal and Water for Bush’s Cancer Sun Sign, then Cardinal and Air for his Libra Moon sign, and see which is more likely to win in a draw. The closer the totals are to equal, the more equivalent the strength of influence. If one is markedly higher than the other, the higher one has the greater influence.


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