Those Darn Vedics

I'm going on record here...

I've gone through That Astrology Thing using Western (aka Tropical) astrology, which I have always found to be far more effective in determining psychology than any other variation of astrology - such as Chinese or Vedic (out of India). In fact, I don't really trust Vedic natal astrology, and Chinese is on a different scale altogether...though it has its moments.

But, in my personal experience, Vedic astrology in particular tends to be far more accurate about matters of prediction than Western. I don't know if the style is better suited or what the deal is, but when it comes down to nuts and bolts, I'd say the Vedic style trumps the Western style when it comes to prediction.

So what do Vedic astrologers say?


Oh, and do note the hard absolutes in their phrases....the certainty of it. Classically Vedic. That very trait damns their personality astrology to pigeon-holing and stereotypes that often prove wrong because they leave no room for the dynamics of human psychology. But, at the same time, that makes their event-prediction skills positively stellar.


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So much for the Vedics, it would seem.

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