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I started going here yesterday, but sort of went off way off the path for a diatribe that had little to do with astrology. My apologies.

With the Elements of an astrology sign, there are two that are called "positive" and two that are called "negative." Fire and Air are the positives and Earth and Water are the negatives. This is not the same as saying good and bad, as with the more social use of the terms positive and negative. In astrology, those two words are the same as they would be for scientific language, as with positive and negative magnetic fields, light and darkness, or immovable objects and unstoppable forces.

A handful of major psychological differences are:

- Positive signs prefer taking action to energize, negative ones move to stabilize. Expanding freedom versus defending security is probably a good example of these two contrasts.
- Positive looks forward, negative is more reflective. One adopts change and idealism while the other looks to history and tradition.
- Positive equates to optimistic approaches and negative to pessimistic ones, which I trust is self-explanatory.
- Positive is externally directed, while negative is internal in scope. For example, concentrating on what is said to the world versus what is felt inside.

Obviously, both positive and negative aspects can be socially good or bad. Too much freedom leads to anarchy and instability, too much security fosters oppression and stagnation. So finding the middle ground is usually the most profitable approach. Having both astrologically negative and positive personalities sharing the same world simply increases the chances of achieving that balance.

But for any individual, positive and negative approaches are mixed within the chart. Some people may be overwhelmingly one way or the other, but the majority will hold a fair amount of both positive and negative tendencies. Looking at what sign is where (and knowing what the planets and Houses represent) can go a long way towards figuring out the positive and negative approaches a person takes.

For example, someone I know has a Virgo Sun Sign. Virgo is Earth, and therefore negative in orientation. One of her greatest strengths is figuring what could go wrong with a situation. That could make her sound like a pessimist, but she's not. Her Mars, Mercury, and Moon are all in Leo or Libra, which are both positive signs. And when she approaches a problem, what people see and hear is: "we can" and "we will" deal with this problem. In saying "there is a way" she approaches the problem on track that is optimistic. As a result, she is an excellent person to go to for advice with personal problems, because she tackles it smartly and realistically without making things worse or churning up negative emotions.

On the other hand, the reverse has caused her to run into problems from time to time. She does not react well when something positive for her requires negative action. She can be self-indulgent and hedonistic, and does not always know when to stop herself even when she knows it is in her own best interests, and does not council people to stop doing the wrong things...her approach is almost always a call to action. While she does recognize the ill effects of excess, negative-oriented actions such as desisting, stabilizing, stopping, or "cutting back" are difficult concepts for her to embrace. And despite knowing the problem exists - and her Virgo Sun does point it out - she is not any more eager to adopt a negative strategy.

But if you veered off onto her Jupiter (influencing her method of personal growth), you'd find it in Taurus, which is negative-oriented again. Despite her more active lifstyle, her track record reveals a person who is cautious, steady, and security-oriented when it comes to choosing the major path her life takes (changing jobs, moving, getting engaged, etc.). Her Virgo Sun only reinforces her negative viewpoint on the potential problems inherent in being spontaneous, or taking risks, or bending the rules. So while she does not hesitate often in her day-to-day life, her major life changes are studiously examined and painstakingly plotted out. The point here is that positive or negative approaches relate to the planets the sign is in and what is actually going in a person's life.

That's all for now.


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i would have wanted to check out the "had little to do with astrology" thing. =D welcome back!

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Thank you, weng :)

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