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(Or: Finally! He Posts Something I Can Use!)

I don't usually go here, but I'm in a weird mood today...so I give you two words that usually bear an disproportionate amount of influence over the human psyche...

Erogenous zones.

Or...finding your partner's (assuming you haven't already) in two steps. Disclaimer - This is not an established theory, it is empirical observation of mine that has been consistently verified. I will not swear by it, or biological astrology (which is another field that, like horary, I don't really follow). All I know is that it appears to work reliably. On women, anyways. And I don't see any reason it would not be the same for men.

Step One: find the sign of your partner's Fifth House. That may not be so easy, but astro.com can help you out if you know the exact time of day and place of birth. The Fifth House Sign is at the line where the 4th borders the 5th, and that House rules (among other potential sources of joy like fun, children, and creativity) sexuality and pleasure.

Found the sign? No? Well, I'm going on anyways.

Step Two: Correspond that sign to its physical locations according to traditional astrology. If you don't know them (and why would you?), they are as follows:

Aries: Head/Face.
Taurus: Neck/Shoulders.
Gemini: Arms/Hands.
Cancer: Chest
Leo: Back
Virgo: Stomach region
Libra: Waist/Hips
Scorpio: The umm...reproductive zones themselves, shall we say.
Sagittarius: Upper legs/Thighs
Capricorn: Knees (especially the backs)
Aquarius: Lower legs, calves
Pisces: Feet

Physical contact - massages, kissing, touching - with those areas can invoke feelings of sensuality more readily than other physical zones. Note the emphasis on "more readily." You might think of it as a Good Place To Start. This isn't an Insta-TurnOn button, though if the Sun or Moon are in the 5th, that's doubleplus good.

Also, the later into the sign the 5th House begins, the lower the sensitive spots will be found in that region. For example, early Aries can be high upon the brow, whereas later Aries is probably closer the mouth and jawline. Or, early Taurus places greater emphasis on the neck, while a 5th House Taurus that is closing in on Gemini will shower greater preference for the shoulders.

And please don't ask me how I found this out. I'm an astrologer, I'm supposed to study these kinds of mysteries.


Blogger LisaPal said...

Well, it's kind of a drag that I have no one upon whom to test this theory this weekend. :-(

8:28 PM  
Blogger Lasciate said...

There's always next week.

6:47 AM  
Blogger VW said...

Cool! I'll have to try it on my husband. Nice to have you posting again.

9:45 AM  
Blogger VW said...

Thought I would take a look at what it said for myself. It was right on target!

9:50 AM  
Blogger Lasciate said...

I made a correction in one of the latter paragraphs, which shoul have read "the later into the sign the 5th House begins" instead what was formerly implied (I think I had the later into the Fifth House the sign begins, which makes no sense if the start of the 5th determines its sign). I think I explained the rest fine, so it wasn't a big deal. Just a matter of disclosure.

10:39 AM  

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