Mars Attacks!

That was such a cool movie...

Okay, all these things have something in common:

1. Being unhappily single
2. Playing a board game
3. Dealing with a malicious co-worker
4. Painting a portrait
5. Skidding across black ice while driving

So, what makes all those things alike? For each, there is a need to take action in order to effect change. To change being single, a person can act...seek out a date, flirt, go somewhere single people hang out, etc. Playing a board game is essentially a structured series of actions designed to change you from "player" to "winner" or "loser." Both maliciousness and skidding in a car are threatening in nature, one social and one physical. Both would require some kind of action to remove (i.e. change) the threat. And painting a portrait is another action taken to change the reality that exists...an empty canvas, at the very least.

A person's Mars sign essentially governs how we declare war on reality as it exists. The point is not always destruction, however, but a specific impact that alters things so that they are more to one's liking. For example, painting is to create, and yet it is still an act of alteration. We use Mars every day, whenever we confront a situation we want to effect or change, no matter how large or small, beneficial or dangerous.

Mars comes into play once the desired outcome has become known, because a strategy must be developed. It may be swift or slow, reckless or well-thought out, but goal attainment through activity is generated by the Mars sign.

Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) tend to be natural at both goal-setting and achievement. Aries, the "natural ruler" of Mars, is particularly good at dealing swiftly with unexpected changes, but all of the Cardinal signs are talented when it comes to shifting course to achieve a goal they are determined to reach.

Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are slower strategists, more oriented on the control they possess over their sphere. They prefer to let the "enemy" come into their world, where they have greater influence and power. If necessary, they will rely on their ability to withstand punishment while they bide their time.

Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) can be stunning strategists, if for no other reason than that they swiftly and easily comprehend the entire picture. However, in this remarkable capability lies a critical flaw that will not deter Cardinal or Fixed signs. That is, if a Mutable analysis has shown a likelihood of failure, the sign is more likely to give up...perhaps before very the first shot is fired.

Other planets will have their influence on Mars, of course. Someone with a Moon (for example) squared to Mars may find it an emotionally difficult experience to take action and make changes, whereas someone with the Moon conjunct to Mars will not have that problem, and probably acts often in accordance with his or her emotional demands...the Moon speaks and Mars is spurred into action.

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Blogger weng said...

what i don't get is why, after attempting to effect change in one's favor, failing innumerable times in the process, one can't seem to stop.

it seems to me that one is addictively driven more by the impossibility of changing the status quo, the blinding attempt at it, the strategies and the schemes rather than actually getting that "change".

in the scheme of things, the struggle to change the status quo displaces whatever reality one is dealing with.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Lasciate said...

Heya weng :)

Being driven to persistence (whether to change the status quo or for some other reason) is not so much the realm of Mars as it is other planetary aspects...such as the Moon or Sun. Mars is sort of the way-but-not-the-reason, the answer to the question of "What are you going to do?" and not 'why' or 'what for'.

That's not to say Mars cannot have a lot to do with persistence. Having Mars in the right place or supported by other planets can make it preferable to use. As an example, if placed in the 5th House (pleasure and creations), taking action is actually enjoyable in many ways. If enjoyable, it is more likely to be used consistently or as one of the first options.

Alternately, Mars may end up in a sign that prefers schematics and/or strategy to direct and swift action. Many signs prefer a cautious or well-developed approach, and having Mars there would reflect that.

Your last line about the struggle to change the status quo is an excellent summation of the point behind Mars. Mars - analyzed through the sign its in and the placements around it - is our way of displacing the reality we deal with.

But it's still not the why of it.

7:24 AM  

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