The Musical Baton

So, the musical baton has arrived on my…errm…virtual doorstep, courtesy of Lisa. And just for the record, I don’t hate you for passing this on. Free will and no obligation to do this, y’know?

Hey everyone, you can listen to Lisa sing Round Midnight live, here. (Hehe…also for the record, my comment was intended as a compliment, Lisa, and I was also pointing to my preference for live music and ambiance over recorded).

So, without further introduction...

TOTAL VOLUME OF MUSIC: Not as much as I’d like.

CDs: Somewhere round 100. If you count it by artists that drops to about 60, because if I like a CD a lot I’ll get the future ones. Batches include Enigma, Creed, Garbage, Switchblade Symphony, and Dead Can Dance. Some of which I do not listen to anymore. I am also fond of soundtracks and classical music compilations. Most with a variety of artists, of course; the only CD that is an exception is entirely Richard Wagner.

Cassette tapes, records: Not anymore. Used to. I had this whole box of 45’s when I was young, mostly hits from the 50’s and 60’s. Can’t remember many of them, but I do recall them with fondness whenever I hear something from those Cd’s on the radio. Last Kiss by J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers (revisited by Pearl Jam), for example, or Crimson and Clover by Tommy James & The Shondells, briefly touched on in Jimmy Eat World’s Praise Chorus. Nostalgia. It passes.

MP3 and various other hard drive formats: Gigs and gigs and gigs. I don’t steal music off the internet. It just seems to appear on my hard drive after I mention that I really, really like a particular song to someone close to me....like magic, really.

LAST CD I BOUGHT: A Foo Fighters single, Best of You.

SONG PLAYING RIGHT NOW: Ice Queen, from Within Temptation (and thanks for the introduction, M.V.V.).

FIVE SONGS I LISTEN TO A LOT OR MEAN A LOT TO ME: Okay, now this is hard. Outside by Staind, definitely, as I mentioned elsewhere in this blog. Gerard McMann’s Cry Little Sister (off the Lost Boys soundtrack). Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life. Umm, umm, yeah…Your Song from the movie: Moulin Rouge (originally an Elton John tune, I believe). And just because it may be the coolest score of all time: the theme to Phantom of the Opera.

FIRST RECORDING YOU EVER BOUGHT FOR YOURSELF? HOW OLD WERE YOU?: I was 15, and I got three CDs at once (and now pause, and swallow pride, and just spit it out).
Guns N’ Roses, Welcome to the Jungle
Ace of Base, The Sign
A-ha, Stay On These Roads

I’ll go cringe in the corner now.

None, though I ended up with 3 copies of Pearl Jam’s Ten. I don’t know how. I only bought one.

PEOPLE TO WHOM I'M PASSING THE BATON: (To quote Lisa: “I had to get rid of this thing! Please don't hate me.”) Alphabetically...

Elephant (though I don’t think he ever reads my blog)**

Update 6/22/05: I stand (sheepishly) corrected. That's what I get for making assumptions.


Blogger VW said...

Might take me a week or two to get this done!

2:10 PM  
Blogger VW said...

I actually had 30 minutes to myself and was able to get it done! I didn't take the time to talk about why the songs are special (which helped!) ;-)

8:11 AM  
Blogger LisaPal said...

Nice job! And thanks for the link and for clarifying the comment. Sometimes you just have to hit me over the head. I kinda thought that the avoidance of any direct reference to my vocals might have meant that you didn't think much of them but were being polite. (Renard uses this technique when he doesn't like something but doesn't want to hurt someones feelings by coming out and saying it.)

That box of 45s you had is probably pretty valuable now.

I think we all have stuff from early in our collections that embarrass us. I have a Black Oak Arkansas record that I cringe when I see, especially when I think of the reason I bought it. Ooooh. I'm feeling a little queasy now just writing about it.

3:25 PM  
Blogger The Elephant said...

Yes, yes...poor you....My answers are posted on EIE...


3:36 PM  

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