Go Ahead, Make My Life Harder

DST has always been the bane of my existence, at least in terms of astrological calculations.




Blogger LisaPal said...

Definitely a pain for the astrologer. One more thing to keep track of. What's really idiotic to me is that the author of the article opens with the claim that, because of the change, summer will be extended and winter shortened by the 4 week extension of DST. (I assume this is the author's conclusion because no other attribution is given for the notion.)

I guess whoever wrote the article doesn't know that the Earth's axis of rotation is tilted by about 23.5 degrees from the ecliptic plane and this (and only this) is what determines the four seasons. The length of each season (as youn well know) is determined not by DST or any other act of congress, but by how long it takes the earth to make the trip around the sun. Shouldn't news editors know this, even if the writers don't? Shouldn't an intro like that have caught a smart person's attention? (Editors are usually pretty well-read, by definition.)

I hope people didn't read that and go off with the impression that congress made summer longer. (Hell! Why did they wait so dmaned long? Why not cut winter down to a month pr less? Just think of all the energy we could save then!)

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